“In 40 years, I have never attended a better school assembly program.” – Dr. Ross Dirks, Principal, Lincoln, NE

BROOKS GIBBS is our featured speaker for the 2018/19 GLOBAL SCHOOL ASSEMBLY.

Sponsored by DEVIN'S MESSAGE FOUNDATION, this year's assembly has been carefully designed to appeal to all students, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Registration is FREE for all schools and includes:

  • A school-wide license to screen the assembly video

  • A Parent/Teacher training video

  • Downloadable promotion materials to help get the word out!

About Brooks Gibbs

Brooks Gibbs is an award winning social skills educator and author of SQUABBLES™ The Game Of Conflict Resolution. 

Over 2,500 schools have hired him to speak allowing him to reach 2 million students face-to-face. His viral videos have amassed more than 200 million views worldwide.

About Devin's Message Foundation

Devin Daniel Kurzdorfer was a sophomore at Kenmore West High School when 2 months before summer vacation he tragically took his own life.

He was diagnosed with a high functioning form of autism and ADHD at an early age. He suffered as a victim of cyberbullying.

Devin's family has partnered with Brooks Gibbs to create an assembly presentation that teaches all students (especially those with autism) how to build up their emotional resilience to bullying, cyberbullying, and other aggressive behavior.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A Global School Assembly is a world-wide video broadcast event that is free for schools to participate in. There are three simple steps:

  1. Register your school to participate in the Global School Assembly.
  2. Receive instant access to the school assembly video, parent/teacher training video, and additional resources.
  3. Show your students the school assembly video and send your parents/teachers to our website to access their training video.

In this school assembly presentation, Brooks Gibbs teaches students two basic principles:

  • Don’t get upset (Emotional Resilience)
  • Treat them like a friend (The Golden Rule)

Most youth aggression is non-criminal and consists of name calling, social exclusion, rumors, etc. These behaviors are inevitable between siblings at home and peers at school. Despite the pettiness of these behaviors, they can do tremendous emotional harm to a student. Brooks teaches students how to protect their emotions from the effects of these behaviors through emotional resilience.

He also communicates the genius of The Golden Rule. This social instruction teaches students how to make friends and also manage their perceived enemies. The Golden Rule takes advantage of the law of reciprocity, and as students learn to treat others as friends, this positive behavior becomes the social norm.

His 45-50 minute high-energy keynote is full of excellent information and can be applied to any non-criminal aggression at home, on campus, or online. Brooks, of course, encourages students to seek adult intervention when they feel like they are in danger or cannot handle the aggression on their own.

2nd through 12th grades (7-18 years old)

There are several ways to show the school assembly video to your students.

  • You can gather the students into the gym or auditorium and project the video on a large screen.
  • You can show the video in a classroom environment.
  • You can broadcast the video through your closed circuit TV system (if you have one).

Yes. We first ask that parents share this website with their local school and have them register for the Global School Assembly. If your school is not participating, you can still show the video to your child at home as well as enjoy the teacher/parent training video.

We currently only offer the presentation in english.

However, we are able to offer a interpreter's voice over for $750 per language. That's our raw costs to have this produced in a foreign language.

If you know of a sponsoring organization willing to cover this cost, we will be happy to feature them as a sponsor. This can open up amazing opportunities for us to get this message in front of thousands more. Thank you.

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